Blood In The Water

New Faces

• Daisuke decimated the dragon blooded troops with one swing of his sword
• Ishiko sent two of the soldiers back with the heads of their masters as a declaration of war to the Realm
• PCs recovered the Artifacts from the fallen Dragonblooded then continued on their way
• Daisuke reclaimed Resources 2 (yay!)

• Upon arriving in Nexus, Daisuke freed Madoc from a group of slavers that had him shackled with his own artifact manacles by convincing him the boy was infected with the Great Contagion
• Ishiko went missing, turns out she was “kidnapped” by the Cult of the Illuminated who thought they could use her to smuggle Solars off the Blessed Isle
• Daisuke flipped his shit on them (they abruptly gave up the cause thereafter) and discovered they were getting fed information by some force that could predict the future
• A mysterious and beautiful woman in purple followed Daisuke through Nexus
• The Lunar’s Hearthstone was retrieved for a paltry sum from the merchant
• Daisuke gave Yumiko leave to raid the slavers base for the Artifacts they took from Madoc, she returned with a bag of 6 Artifacts
• Daisuke and Yumiko both kept two necklaces that make them immune to unnatural mental influence (which were also walkaways)

• A day outside of Nexus, Daisuke and Co found the Lunar that purchased Madoc’s Essence Cannon from the slavers
• The Lunar introduced herself as Crow and told Daisuke that a Sidereal had rescued her and told her that if she purchased and hung onto the Essence Cannon her Solar, a Dawn Caste, would return to claim it… she also claimed to be a brand new Lunar
• Daisuke told Crow the Sidereals were clearly manipulating things and might have lied to her, but all the same she should travel with them for safety

• Return Hearthstone to Lunar south of Whitewall
• Head back into Nexus to talk to the master of the soothsayer from Whitewall
• Head to forge where kid woke up which was a few hundred miles from Nexus
• Begin building an army to answer the declaration of War from the Realm
• Where’s the special hammer the kid used in the forge?



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