Blood In The Water

Scraps of Information

About Me

  • Antedelluvian of the Gangrel Clan, Decimus (the 10th) – Father of the Beast
  • Reached out to Doctor Winters to wake me when I realized the world was in peril
  • Locked myself away with a seal only a human could break in a rundown temple in Prague
  • My blood has the ability to cure the illness in others
    • Is this because of my own power or does it have something to do with the Changeling blood that woke me?

The Giver

  • Encountered a strange creature at the hospital called the Giver, gave me back my memories
  • Had a handful of humans with him that i left alone in exchange for his help
  • Auspex visions revealed exactly what I had expected – from Arcadiau, desires life, Virtue is Charity, is slightly less powerful than I am

Blacklight Laboratory

  • The humans are all deceased, they were performing experiments on supernatural creatures
  • They had Werewolves, Vampires and Changelings captive
  • They believed they could reverse the disease, something let them loose (Cosma?)
  • There were humans that managed to escape, so far unable to track them down (might be dead?)

The Fey

  • Cosma might be the Destroyer God of Changeling Lore
  • Fairly crazy, might be responsible for the plague in the world since she seems to be able to control where it spreads to



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