Blood In The Water

The One That Got Away

Piety attempted to keep things friendly between the group and educated Daisuke about the Unconquered Sun, spirits, and the Solar condition.

Group came upon village south of Puyo that had been plagued by weather phenomenon despite having a perfect climate, their crops were destroyed and they had to sell everything they had just to get by.

Village Elder told the group about a mysterious woman that came through 8 months ago and how people started going missing.

Group headed north where the last group disappeared and struck off into the shadow land where they encountered the reanimated villagers.

Battle ensued, the Abyssal showed herself but vanished before Daisuke could get to her despite having spotted her.

Yumiko and Nicholas (Undefeated Piety) explained the Abyssal was a former circle mate and mourned both the needless passing of the villagers and the loss of their circle mate.

Dukes hunted for food for the villagers and gave everyone a good meal, Daisuke gave all of his Resources to the villagers so that they could relocate.

Daisuke, frustrated with his inability to stop the Abyssal menace, suffered a lesson in humility and struggled to come to terms with his own limitations.

Session Award
2 Charms for Wiki Update
1 dot in Occult from Piety
8 experience points



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