Blood In The Water

The Pack

Members of the Pack

Bits of information about the current members of the pack.


  • The Human Ghoul
    • Will some day be the future of the Gangrel Clan and my heir
  • Is Wolf Blooded, interested in being a Hybrid
    • A desecration of the sacred blood, but I always let my children choose
    • Perhaps if my children were stronger, they could survive the plague much as the Weres seem to have


  • A Crescent Moon Werewolf
    • Quite adept in spirit Lore
    • Can track spirits, knows sacred Rites to lure them out as well
  • My Second in Command
    • The only one I can count on to oversee things in my absence
    • Can see the bigger picture in all this, shares my vision for taking back the world
  • Older and more powerful than she looks, wise beyond her years
  • A capable warrior despite not being a full moon
    • Can deal grievous wounds with her claws
  • The heart of our pack, her magic binds us all together

The Pack Totem

  • A Young Spirit born into the world with a child
    • Not even old enough to reason, is a creature of basic instinct (aren’t we all?)
  • Seems tied to the young girl that I found in Antarctica
  • Can keep back the plague, but needs to grow stronger
  • Within this spirit I hope to find the spiritual power to integrate myself as the Wolves do with their pack


  • A Mage, well versed in Fate
    • Survived by simply being in the right place at the right time
  • Arrived with the gift of a sword which I have used to follow the few strands of Fate left in the world
  • Disappointingly terrible in combat, debunked the theory that all those who remain must be fighters
  • Regularly argues with Ryland, they bicker as children often do
  • Lost her cabal to the plague
  • Currently there is nothing I’ve asked of her other than the random odd job (read this book, answer these questions)


  • A mage versed in matters of Death and Spirit
  • Suffers heavily from the Hubris of Mages
    • Fails to recognize his own shortcomings, can’t embrace his own mistakes
    • Far too prideful, cannot be counted on to lead as a result
  • Seems to be slow going in regaining his power
    • I have suggested that Maeve might be able to help him with some of her Goblin Fruit
  • Has yet to complete a single task I’ve given him despite his grandiose claims
    • He did help Sabine successfully defend the Castle against Cosma’s creations, however

Meeda (In Consideration)

  • A Sin Eater and a woman out of time
    • Refreshingly old fashioned, a lady from a time I remember (due to the ghost that possesses her)
  • Within her sleeps a powerful Ghost that staved off the infection at great personal cost
    • A Kindred Spirit, the ghosts strength and selflessness suggests worth to me
  • Has the ability to cast a powerful Boneyard to greatly affect the world around her
  • Can shape phantasms capable of affecting even me



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