Blood In The Water

Trial By Fire

Rewards: 2 Charms for Backstory (Elegant Dance of Bow and Blade, Dawn King’s Strife), 2 Charms for Picture (Worthy Mount Technique, Flashing Thunderbolt Steed), 1 Charm for Ishiko Name/Picture (Keen Sight Technique)

Session 1:
Ishiko pulled Diasuke out of the trial where he Exalted, they rushed off
Ishiko’s old brotherhood came looking for them and a battle broke out
Glass Shadow, a night Caste, used lethal force to subdue the Dragonblooded and killed Caska
Ended session with Undefeated Piety arriving

Ishiko mentioned Amio in her sleep?
First Dragon of the Sun
Character age: 33
Cathak Kadajo – my former incarnation

Cathak Caska – Martial Artist (RIP)

Gear: Red Jade Daiklave (can be used without double attuning), Red Jade Hearthstone Bracers, Red Jade Breastplate, Red Jade Hearthstone Amulet
Flame’s Edge: Spd 4, Acc +3, Dam +9L/+4B, Def +2, Rate 4, Str/Dex 2/4, Att 3, 2 hearthstone slots
Can wield former incarnation’s gear
Rewards: 2 skill dots, 1 Charm
Spend: Resistance 3→5 (14xp), Soul Fire Resurgence (6xp)



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