Blood In The Water

Troubles, Troubles

Daisuke and his friends headed to Whitewall to enjoy a little R&R and speak with a soothsayer Piety spoke highly of. First stop of the day? The Bath houses.

The soothsayer had some kind of clawed hands and was a little wacky if not extremely knowledgeable. An extremely talented Gateway player, he had no idea what Daisuke was but referred them to his master in Nexus. His terms were that the crew managed to stop the Lunar that was murdering the villages outside of Whitewall and Daisuke agreed. He was attended by a thin girl who was a mystery in herself.

Afterwards, Ishiko took Daisuke shopping and bought him a beautiful Jade Small Essence Canon along with a new wardrobe of clothes befit a Prince of the Earth.

Staying at an upscale hotel, Ishiko met a well-to-do Water aspect formerly of the Realm that seemed to hold quite a bit of respect for Ishiko.

Daisuke approached the Lunar and found out the Lunar was attacking the local villagers because they were over hunting the land. Daisuke got the Lunar to agree to stop attacking the villagers if he could get them to pull back on harvesting the local fauna and challenged him to a duel to solidify his position of authority above the Lunar. The Lunar also mentioned a hearthstone that was stolen from him by the local villagers and asked Daisuke to return it.

Meeting with the local villagers, Daisuke revealed himself as a God among men and all of the village elders quickly agreed to stop over harvesting the land, though Daisuke acknowledged that they were trading game for other resources and told them they could still continue expansion, just not at break-neck speed like they had previously. The villagers informed Daisuke they sold the hearthstone for a few opals to a traveling merchant.

Tracking down the merchant to Nexus, Daisuke informed the Lunar the villagers agreed to back off local harvesting and that he intended to travel to Nexus to reclaim the hearthstone. Making their way to Nexus, the Solars and Ishiko were postponed when a handsome Air aspect stood blocking their path with a sign of peace. He was attended by 25 other troops, half of which were Dragonblooded while the other half were elite mortal troops. He professed his love to Ishiko and beget her return with him to the realm.

Game Awards: 10 xp, 1 WP dot (8 → 9)



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