Alchemists Compass



An Artifact created to help its owner locate objects of any kind, the Artifact resembles a compass which contains a small receptacle on the top. The lid slides off revealing a container within which the owner can fit about a one cubic inch of material in.



The owner puts portions of an item he wishes to locate in the compass. For example, if the owner wants to locate a werewolf he could include a small piece of wolf fur, a few drops of human blood, or even the essence of a spirit. The closer the components are to what the owner is trying to find, the easier it is for the compass to locate the desired item. After placing the components in the compass, the owner adds a single drop of his blood and closes the receptacle then makes an Wits + Survival + Supernatural Tolerance roll. Successes determine the range at which the compass functions, while penalties and bonuses that apply to the roll are determined by the components used. If successful, the compass needle points in the direction of the desired object. The compass can be rotated on its axis to determine the direction in a three dimensional space as well.

Components Bonus/Penalty
Pieces of the desired item +3 bonus
Pieces of items that are the same as the desired item +2 bonus
Pieces that closely resemble the item +1 bonus
Pieces that are related components of the item -0 bonus
Pieces that are metaphorically or symbolically related to the item -1 penalty
Pieces that are vaguely related to the item -2 penalty
Pieces that are abstractly related to the item -3 penalty
Successes Compass Range
1 Success Same Block
2 Successes Same City
3 Successes Same State
4 Successes Same Country
5 Successes Same Continent
6 Successes Same Hemisphere
7 Successes Same World
8 Successes Any Other World*

*Note – The compass first leads the owner to a portal they can use to go to the other world, then to the desired item

if the character is looking for a specific item (not just an instance of an item), components have to be added to that effect. The ST is the final arbitrator on whether or not the components provided by the owner are good enough for the compass to give a direction.

Alchemists Compass

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