Boots of the Plane Walker



Originally crafted by a mage that sought to leave behind a dying world, the boots never made it to their final destination and have been floating around the world ever since. Appearing to be little more than old and worn shoes, their true power becomes readily available when worn by a supernatural creature.


By spending a single point of supernatural resource (Vitae for Kindred, Mana for Mages, etc) when coming upon a extra-dimensional gateway (which leads to either another place or another plane), the character rolls their (Wits + Composure). Success allows them to open the gateway and step through to the other side. If the gateway normally allows multiple people to pass through when opened the owners companions may do so, but the portal always closes immediately after the wearer steps through. If the portal is protected by supernatural power of some kind, the Storyteller is free to increase the difficulty required to open the gateway.

The use of the boots is limited mostly by the character’s knowledge. A human might not realize a loci can be used to cross the gauntlet but a Werewolf would. Similarly, a vampire might not know that the door toa crypt resonates with a portal to the underworld but a Sin Eater might.

More mundanely, the boots are relatively indestructible baring supernatural power and never wear more than they already are (as is characteristic with most items of a magical nature).


Boots of the Plane Walker

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