Witching Blade


Weapon Damage: +4L (9-again)
Vitae Reserve: 1, may be used to enact the special ability or stored in the weapon for an opal to form

Special Ability – Strike the Unseen

The Witching blade has the ability to strike both the material and immaterial alike. In addition to being able to strike incorporeal spirits and other intangible targets, the wielder can also choose to strike abstract things. These targets must be something the wielder is aware of and have a difficulty set by the Storyteller and require one Vitae to attempt (or one unit of supernatural resource of wielded by another type of creature). Doing so is an Instant action. The ongoing effect typically has a “Defense” equal to the (Potency + Supernatural Tolerance of the root cause), ignore an amount of damage equal to the Supernatural Tolerance of the attacker for each time damage is dealt, and require a number of health levels of damage equal to twice the Potency of the effect. While multiple attempts can be made in the same scene, the “damage” inflicted from a previous attempt does not carry over to successive attempts.

Decimus comes across a pact bound Changeling that was forced to toil in a rice field by his Fey Master. Deciding to claim the Changeling for himself, Decimus grips the Witching Blade and hones his advanced Auspex in on the pact that binds the Changeling. The Fey Master has a Wyrd of 7 and created the pact with 6 successes. Decimus spends a point of Vitae and makes a single melee attack. The “Defense” of the effect penalizes his combat pool by 13. Additionally, the attack will absorb 7 points of damage and Decimus must deal 12 points of damage to end the Pact. Should he deal 19 points of damage in a single strike, he would end the pact that binds the Changeling and release him.

Special Ability – Prophetic Blade

The Witching Blade is much more than a weapon, it binds itself to the fate of its wielder. Reaching out into the Fate of the world, the blade listens to the subtle fabric of destiny and gathers strings it wishes to entwine with its wielder. What motivates the blade is a mystery, but its motivations typically benefit the wielder or the world at large in the long run.

Every so often (subject to Storyteller discretion), the blade begins to ooze blood from the hilt. This thick viscous Vitae congeals and forms into a solid blood opal at the base of the pommel which can be broken off and ingested by the wielder. Kindred regain one Vitae from this opal regardless of feeding restrictions. Once ingested, the wielder gains a vision of a location and an objective, a Fate that the weapon wishes to tie the wielder to. After viewing the vision, the wielder can choose to either accept or reject the vision. Each vision has a Potency which determines just how dangerous the vision is to the wielder (typically scaled on 1-10, with a threat of Potency or Supernatural Tolerance equal to the Potency of the vision). The wielder has two choices: he can either accept or reject the vision.

Rejecting the vision causes the blade to become inert, whereupon it remains quiet and becomes a mundane greatsword for a number of days equal to the Potency of the vision. Accepting the vision, however, begins a geas for the wielder.

First, the wielder gains the vision as an innate sense of direction to where the blade wishes to guide him. The character can put off the quest for a number of nights equal to its Supernatural Tolerance, but if no reasonable effort for progress is made in that time the wielder forfeits the vision. While pursuing the vision, the character gains the Inspired Condition and the weapon gains an equipment bonus equal to half the Potency of the vision (rounded up, although this bonus only applies to actions taken to further the goal of completing the vision). Upon seeing the vision through to its final outcome, the wielder regains a number of temporary willpower points equal to the Potency rating of the vision.

Authors Notes

So I’m not sure exactly what the Mage that built this weapon has access to Arcana wise, but since she’s a Fate master I made it heavily set in the Fate Arcanum. Geas/Boons and Severing Fate ties are all common Fate magic, and severing supernatural effects is heavy Prime magic (which she had to have had to make the weapon itself).

The inspiration for this sword was taken from Vampire Hunter D. I wanted to craft a blade that could hit anything and have a powerful weapon that was as much a mystery to its wielder as it is everyone else. What better weapon for an ancient Kindred than a sword that tries to make sure he’s at the opportune place to witness the most interesting events?


Witching Blade

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