Custom Devotions

Pending Approval

Kingsteads Calling

Requirements: Animalism 6, Auspex 5, Celerity/Vigor (Blinding Speed) 8
Cost: Varies
Activation: Instant
Duration: Instant
Cost to Learn: 2 XP

This Devotion allows the Kindred to instantly return to territory claimed by the Lord of the Land Animalism Discipline. While each Kindred has their own style of appearance (some arrive in a swarm of bats, some step from shadows, others still form out of a pool of blood), the effect remains the same. The Vitae cost of this Devotion depends on the distance the Kindred travels to return home: anywhere in the same city (1 Vitae), anywhere in the same state (2 Vitae), anywhere in the same country (3 Vitae), anywhere in the same continent (3 Vitae), anywhere in the same hemisphere (4 Vitae), or even anywhere in the world (5 Vitae).

Blood Beast Mastery

Requirements: Protean 5, Resilience 6, Vigor 6, Blood Potency 7
Requirements: Blood Potency 7
Cost: -
Activation: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Cost to Learn: 4 XP

This Devotion grants the Vampire further control of his Blood, allowing him more control over his innate Kindred abilities.

  • He can choose to suppress the addictive quality of his blood
    • In creatures already Blood Bound to him, he can remove the Blood Bond with no detrimental side effects to the addicted target. This is done with an instant action and a touch, as the Kindred wills his blood to release his hold over the target creature.
  • When using his Predator Aura, the Kindred can target up to (Blood Potency) valid targets.
    • The Kindred makes one roll contested by each target individually. If the Kindred succeeds, the target gains a condition as normal and the Kindred gains a +2 bonus on all opposed rolls. If the target succeeds, the Kindred gains a Condition and the target retains the +2 bonus to all opposed actions.
  • When the Kindred blushes, he can choose to have the blush last for a number of nights equal to (his Blood Potency).
  • The Kindred gains 8-again on “Taste of Blood” and “Detecting Sympathy” rolls.
  • The Kindred no longer gains the Lethargic Condition while resisting Daysleep.
  • The Kindred can attempt to notice anything when asleep he otherwise could while awake and can choose to try to wake up upon a successful check.

Blood Quenched Forge

Requirements: Resilience 5, Protean 4, Blood Potency 7
Cost: 5 Vitae, 1 Willpower
Activation: 1 minute
Duration: Indefinite

Elders have a supernatural control over their Vitae, able to will their blood to affect all the world around them and not just other living creatures. Using this Devotion, the Kindred imbues an item with his own blood enhancing it with his supernatural prowess. The item gains a pool of Vitae storage equal to the Kindred’s (Resilience + Blood Potency), which it draws from to activate its abilities and benefit the wielder. Items imbued this way ignore willpower costs of abilities, paying Vitae instead. Examples include swords that deal extra damage, armor that blunts the impact of incoming attacks, goggles that grant supernatural vision, and many others.

When an item is so augmented, it also gains one of the innate abilities listed below:


  • Infusion: The item’s base damage changes to the Kindred’s Vigor rating. Ranged weapons multiply their range by the Kindred’s Auspex rating.
  • Life Drinker: Every lethal or aggravated health level of damage allows the weapon to siphon 1 Vitae from the target (if the target has something resembling blood).
  • Soul Harvest: A supernatural creature slain with the weapon becomes a soul stone. This ability happens reflexively when the creature is slain and drains a number of Vitae equal to the creature’s Supernatural Tolerance.
  • Blood Power: The weapon gains a benefit similar to one of the Kindred’s own offensive Disciplines/Devotions, but the benefit is conferred by the weapon itself (and therefore stacks with the Kindred’s use of the ability). The Storyteller, as always, determines what abilities are applicable.


  • Magic Eater: By expending one of its stored Vitae, the armor automatically resists any hostile supernatural ability with a Clash of Wills using the Creator’s (Resilience + Blood Potency).
  • Blood Power: The weapon gains a benefit similar to one of the Kindred’s own defensive Disciplines/Devotions, but the benefit is conferred by the weapon itself (and therefore stacks with the Kindred’s use of the ability). The Storyteller, as always, determines what abilities are applicable.


  • Eternal: The item gains Durability equal to the higher of the Kindred’s (Vigor + Resilience) and Structure equal to the Kindred’s (Vigor x Resilience). Further, the item never suffers damage from normal use by a creature with supernatural strength and can only be destroyed by supernatural/magical means.
  • sustenance: The Kindred can draw Vitae from the weapons reserve as an Instant action, siphoning up to (the Kindred’s Blood Potency in Vitae) per turn from the item. Note Vitae siphoned in this manner can provide sustenance for any Blood Potency Kindred, regardless of feeding restrictions.
  • Reserve: The item doubles the amount of Vitae it can store. This modification is stackable up to the creator’s (Blood Potency) times.
  • Soul Forged: By imbuing an item with a soul stone from a supernatural creature, the Kindred can instill one ability the creature knew in life within his item of choice. The item uses Vitae instead of the normal resource, and otherwise follows the rules for Imbued Item. The Kindred need not necessarily understand how the ability works, just that the creature whose soul the Kindred uses in this augmentation had the ability.

The blade can be given Vitae from any Kindred to fuel its abilities. A single piece of equipment may only have up to the Kindred’s (Blood Potency) in enchantments at any given time and the Kindred cannot make use of more than (Blood Potency) artifacts created in this way.

Approved Devotions

Will to Power

Requirements: Auspex 2, Resilience 6, Blood Potency 6
Cost: None and 1 Vitae
Activation: Permanent and Reflexive
Duration: Indefinite and Instant
Cost to Learn: 3 XP

After breaking through to the status of Elder, the power of the Kindred’s blood becomes a sight to behold. This Devotion permanently augments the Kindred’s Auspex, allowing him to see all supernatural and magical effects at any time (provided he isn’t deliberately muting his Auspex). The Kindred receives an Wits + Occult roll with a difficulty of the rating of the supernatural ability causing the effect (or the activation successes of any supernatural effect used to hide it) to gain an intuitive understanding of what it does. If it directly affects the Kindred, he may spend 1 Vitae to reflexively contest the ability with a Clash of Wills. Success ends the effect, even if it would otherwise continue on for longer.

Further, the Kindred may stir his Vitae in others to similar effect. If the Kindred witnesses and is present for a supernatural power used on any creature that is either blood bound, ghoul, or sired by the Kindred with this Devotion, he may pay a 1 Vitae surcharge to reflexively contest the ability with success shattering the effect entirely.

Sovereign Reign

Prerequisites: Majesty 5, Vigor 6, Blood Potency 7
Cost: 1 Willpower
Activation: Reflexive
Duration: Permanent
Cost to Learn: 4xp

When an elder speaks, their words need only be uttered once to impact those around them for all eternity. When the Elder that has mastered this Discipline inflicts a condition through any means, he may reflexively spend a point of temporary willpower to make that condition permanent. Any attempt to remove them can only be done with supernatural means which the originating Kindred resists reflexively with a Clash of Wills. Additionally, the Kindred is considered to have a Perfect Impression rating to all present and each successful social attack he makes opens a number of doors equal to his Majesty rating.

Hunger Made Flesh

Prerequisites: Resilience 6, Vigor 6, Protean 5, Auspex 4, Blood Potency 6
Cost: 4 Vitae
Activation: Instant
Duration: Until Sunrise
Cost to Learn: 4xp

Using this Devotion, the elder can manifest the inner beast through blood and raw power to create a frightening entity to do its bidding. Using this Devotion creates a spirit-like creature with the following traits:

Attributes: Use the highest of the Kindred’s Power, Finesse and Resistance Attributes to determine the creature’s traits
Special Traits: The creature gains a number of Beast’s Skin (Protean) Augmentations equal to the Kindred’s rank in Protean.
Size: Base 5, plus or minus the Kindred’s rating in Protean
Species Speed Factor: (Protean)

Bane: Sunlight (fire only deals lethal damage)

Powers: While the creature doesn’t have Numina like other spirits, it does gain the ability to use its creators powers. The Kindred imbues the creature with a number of Discipline dots equal to (Blood Potency + Protean) and the creature is created with a pool of (Blood Potency + Protean) Vitae which its maker can refill if he wishes. The creature also has the ability to Ride the Wave, substituting its Rank for Blood Potency.

All other derived traits are appropriate for a Spirit. The creature is considered to have an effective Rank equal to the Kindred’s Blood Potency -1 for purposes of interacting with other Spirits or for Supernatural Tolerance when interacting with other supernatural creatures and abilities. The creature can also freely shift between an ephemeral and solid state as an Instant action. The creature has an intuitive understanding of its makers wishes and motivations and can act accordingly. If its creator knows Auspex, he can freely use those abilities on the creation regardless of distance by either targeting the creature or using those abilities through the creature as a proxy.

Custom Devotions

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