Elder Power

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As Kindred surpass the mortal threshold of their Blood Potency, they become more powerful as their blood thickens. As the Elder climbs to the apex of Kindred might, the ancient magic of their blood stirs further granting them more mastery of their supernatural purview.

Elder Powers of the Blood

Below is a revision to the intrinsic Kindred abilities for a vampire that surpasses Blood Potency 5.

Elder Power – Kindred Senses

Honing their senses to a supernatural degree, Elders are able to decipher more information from Blood than their younger kin. At Blood Potency 6, the Elder need only smell the blood to make the desired roll.

At Blood Potency 7, the Elder can determine basic properties about the person whose blood their tasting. This includes what they are (supernatural templates and the details therein), their supernatural tolerance (typically described relative to the Elder’s own, such as “about equal” or “slightly less powerful”), their capabilities (a rough sense of their attribute and skill ratings).

At Blood Potency 8, the Kindred can tap into the memories of the blood. The Kindred names a scene he wishes to view and drinks a single Vitae of the target’s blood. The Kindred in a turn gains the memories of the creature he feeds from that most closely resemble the criteria given by the Elder. This allows the Kindred to also experience the context of the memory as though he was the one whose experience he viewed. This ability also allows Elders to learn Clan Disciplines otherwise not available to him, although he still must spend the experience points to do so accordingly.

At Blood Potency 9, the Kindred gains a level of superhuman mastery of blood. He can track anyone whose blood he’s tasted previously across any distance. Magic used to conceal targets requires a Clash of Wills. Further, the Kindred can activate Blood Sympathy in anyone that has tasted his blood with a +0 modifier. Finally, any active Blood Sympathy bonuses are increased by (Blood Potency – 5).

At the apotheosis of his power, Blood Potency 10, the Kindred is the undisputed master of Vitae. He can freely activate his Predator Aura and drain the target host of Vitae equal to the excess successes on the activation roll. This deals damage to living creatures normally but only drains Kindred of Vitae. Further, the Kindred gains the ability to drain the life force of any creature regardless of whether or not they have blood. Each “Vitae” of life force taken drains the target of a single lethal health level of damage, but otherwise counts as Vitae for all intents and purposes. The Kindred is also able to use the Beast to invoke other Conditions in those around him at will, granting any condition to the target he desires.

Previous Drafts (Scratch)

Elder Power – Physical Intensity

At Blood Potency 6, the Kindred can spend a single Vitae to grant himself the 9-again quality on any single roll. This ability further heightens in potency for 8-again for an additional Vitae at Blood Potency 8 and 7-again for yet another Vitae (3 total) at Blood Potency 10. The Kindred can also use this to augment any physical action.

At Blood Potency 6, the Kindred can use Physical Intensity on any mental or social action. At Blood Potency 7, the Kindred can augment his Predatory Aura. At Blood Potency 8, the Kindred can use this ability on any Discipline activation roll. At Blood Potency 9, the Kindred can treat any roll as a Rote action for a single Vitae. Finally, at Blood Potency 10, the Kindred re-rolls all 1s until they no longer appear for a single Vitae.

Elder Powers – Kindred Senses

At Blood Potency 9, the Kindred’s mastery of Vitae is so profound that he can even tap into the supernatural abilities of the blood. By drinking a single Vitae, he gains access to one supernatural ability of the target. Powers fueled with a supernatural resource can be activated using Vitae as a substitute. This ability can grant the Kindred one learned ability, such as a Changeling Contract or a Mage’s Spell, or the innate characteristics of a single type of supernatural creature. The Kindred uses his own Attributes and Abilities but otherwise uses powers with the Hosts traits. Each ability garnered this way lasts for a scene.

Elder Power

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