Pack Tactics


Instinctual fighting method of a Werewolf pack. Pack Tactics come in two forms: basic, instinctual efforts or complicated, rehearsed executions. Wolves that are balanced can use both.

Basic Mechanics

  • Attribute + Skill + Modifiers
  • Contested with Resistance Attribute + Skill
  • All Pack Tactics rolls are Teamwork actions
  • One Pack Mate is the Primary Actor
    • The Primary Actor must hold initiative until all other pack mates have gone
    • The Primary Actor gains the teamwork benefit from the pack (one die per success)

Decimus’ Pack Tactics

Bait the Trap (•)

Surrounding potential prey and beckoning it forward, the Pack can lure an unsuspecting creature into more favorable terrain. Whether it’s to isolate the prey or gain a more favorable advantage, packs can ambush unsuspecting prey that has wondered off alone.
Themes: Isolation, Darkness, Deception
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Survival vs prey’s Wits + Survival
Success: Target gains the Distracted Condition (-2 to perception/concentration/precision rolls)
Exceptional Success: Target gains the Lured Condition (must investigate distraction, all at -5 to convince otherwise)

Pack Covered Tracks (••)

By looping back among one another and watching each others steps, the Pack can cover each others trail their passing far better than they ever could alone.
Themes: Shadows, Stealth, Rain
Dice Pool: Wits + Survival vs prey’s Wits + Survival
Success: The prey must contest the packs accumulated stealth roll to cover their tracks
Exceptional Success: The prey also suffers a penalty from the Untraceable Condition (-2 to all tracking rolls)

The King’s Council (•)

Before venturing out from the safety of the Packs Haven, they all gather around the Alpha while he explains the task at hand. The Pack finds comforts in his words and keeps the precision required by the Alpha’s edict at heart.
Themes: Cooperation, The Pack, Integration
Dice Pool: Presence + Persuasion vs (dice = Pack’s size)
Success: Everyone in the pack benefits from the Sated Condition (+1 to resist Frenzy)
Exceptional Success: The Pack gains the Inspired Condition (exc succ on 3 succ) for rolls to resist Frenzy.

The King’s Court (••)

A specific tactic designed to allow the Pack to hold clout with the subjects of the Pack Alpha, this tactic is typically used to ensure the Pack receives the same respect endemic to the Alpha among those outside the pack. Activating this tactic typically invovles the Alpha making a show of the Pack in some respect in front of the target.
Themes: The Pack, Fear, Leadership
Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation vs preys’ Composure + Empathy
Success: Pack benefits from Condition inflicted successfully by the leader
Exceptional Success: Improves social maneuvering first impression by one step

The King’s Gambit (•)

Approaching their prey, the Pack fans out behind the Alpha. Shadows seem to creep forth, the sky tints red with rage, and all the target can see is the Alpha standing before them. Everything else is just peripheral, bluring out as the targets’ vision remains completely fixed on the threat before them.
Themes: Rage, Pain, Vengeance
Die Pool: Strength + Brawl vs prey’s Stamina + Athletics
Success: Target gains the Berserk Condition (must attack target, -3 to attack others) targeting the Pack Tactics Leader (instead of the nearest combatant).
Exceptional Success: Target also gains the Atavism Condition (must all out atk target, 1wp to resist).

Pack Tactics

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