To Do List

Next Session Endeavors

My List

  • Kill Cosma
    • The Hedge God attacked my home, a price she must pay in blood
  • Go back and tell the craven where we’ve gone
  • The Goblin Market
    • Go pay them a visit, see if there’s anything worth having
    • Shopping List: A bow that requires my full strength to pull (modular/adjustable strength is ideal), maybe a shield if it’s exceptional, some way to help our spirit “grow up” a bit, any Changelings that might be interested in helping the pack, a way to grow “the Hedge” faster than Maeve currently can
  • The Pack Spirit
    • Take the little guy out into the big nasty world, he needs to grow up with a quickness
  • Do some Scouting:
    • Look for more survivors (travel around the country seeing if anyone is still out there)
    • Look for more supernatural creatures that can be reclaimed
      • If most/all supernatural creatures are feral, that means most/all supernatural artifacts are out there and up for grabs.
    • Try to figure out a reliable way to run stuff like this down (sure wish we had a FATE MAGE… oh wait..)
    • Priority would be to arm the supernaturals, weapon for myself / fetishes for the Werewolves
    • Next up are Ghouls, items that make them capable (focus on circumventing encounters, not winning them)
    • Lastly are the humans, utility items to make life easier on them
  • Might be time to look up the family, see if any have survived

The Rest

  • With the Pack:
    • Work on Pack Tactics – specifically, a maneuver that makes sure Decimus can aggro all of the damage for the pack
    • Ask what pack rituals/gifts Yanna knows
      • Can she bring non-werewolves into the pack?
      • What about pack tactics with non-werewolves?
  • Current Pack Assignments:
    • Ryland is working on securing the new Castle, getting his mojo back so he can feed the humans, and a spell to turn Brock into a Hybrid, buffing up the pack totem, and a dozen other things he hasn’t even started
    • Blaire is on augury duty, creating Fate spells to direct us toward assets we can acquire, and deciphering the tome I found while rescuing Meeda.
      • Assets include Artifacts, other supernatural creatures, etc
    • Yanna is in charge of babysitting the supernaturals and guarding the Castle
    • Brock is training, working on convincing Astrid to join us

To Do List

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